Tianjin Binhai New Area: Red Warm Escort "An old" vaccination

Tianjin Binhai New Area: Red Warm Escort "An old" vaccination

Inocation, the inoculation point is a child vaccination. "Mom said that the new crown vaccine can protect our own, and guarantee the virus does not spread, and can protect the children around us from viral.

"Recently, Zhao Miao, Zhao Miao, the seven-star community private kindergarten in the tea, inoculated new crown vaccine first. She said:" I will take the vaccination with good friends in kindergarten, we are all brave children.

"The same situation is constantly staged in various communities in the teas in the tea, and the" one old "vaccination work is promoted, the tea stunges deepened the leading role of the party building and leading the party building, and the party construction leads, party members took the lead, and all members" For the direction, through the pre-strengthening propaganda, strict deployment, reasonable arrangement, full training and other means to escort. Red preaching group avatosion vaccination "Broadcasting Station" in the seven-star community in Tea Starch, there is such a team They consisted of old cadres, old party members, old models, the captains were served by the Secretary of the Party of the Community Old Cadre Branch. In order to let the community "an old", they will take the new crown vaccine as soon as possible, their avatinal vaccination "broadcast station", take the initiative to learn about new crown vaccine related knowledge Types of contraindications, especially in vaccination for the elderly and 3-11 years old, using party class or minor activities to carry out publicity, eliminate the concerns of the elderly to vaccination, encourage children to actively vaccinate the vaccine, inoculation in community vaccination It has achieved remarkable results. They take themselves as an example, the benefits of vaccination, more basic diseases over 60 years old, have weak resistance; children have more people in school contact, and they are infected people. Therefore, calling on the community "An old and a small" active vaccination has become an important task of "broadcasting station".

The uncle of the community residents said: "I have been in 80 years old, I have to vaccinate, for myself, more children, can’t add burden to the children." Community netbooks are inoculated with intimate "small secretary" seven-star community 11 netizers established accounts in accordance with the grid, implement dynamic management, for the "one old and one small" first vaccination personnel to make a job, for the second-needle expiration personnel in accordance with the accounts in time, supervise the strengthening every day Personnel are actively standing. Li Auntie said: "Our older people are not good, thanks to the net whose phone notice, to the days, our old couple will go to the stadium to take the stadium, it is too convenient, the service committee’s service is really intimate." By carrying out a vaccination service, The distance between the residents and the gross, so that the people really feel the love of the community.

  Party Building + Level 3 Network Deep Pills Vaccination "Responsible Field" In the vaccination work, the seven-star community party committee played the party building leading role and established the "Party Building + Level 3 Network" working mode.

The community party committee packaged the 11th party building red grid, and the tenant party members and community party members volunteers in the net. According to the regional location, party members volunteers package the household to people, form an effective responsibility network, decompose the task, and make the work fine, ensure that some people in the grid vaccination, some people, some people pick up. Li, who lives in the seven-star community, is just 4 years old this year, and his parents don’t understand the vaccination taboos. Understand this situation, the menspeaks entered the house to explain the benefits of vaccination in the age of 3-11, and the final parent agreed to vaccinate the vaccination to the child, and the net whistlers helped them register information and drove them to vaccinate.

In the seven-star community, things like this are happening every day, helping "an old" vaccination work has also become the weight of the community work.

  Since the development of vaccination, the teasing streets have been based on the party construction and leading the grassroots, and strive to play the role of grassroots party. The first time will hold a special meeting. Strictly organize the work plan, scientific arrangement, co-ordination arrangements, and continuously optimize the vaccination process. Ensure that the inoculation work is smooth and orderly regulation.

At the same time, through enterprises to send health activities, develop vaccination publicity, organize vaccination lectures, and further improve the knowledge rate of vaccination, improve the influence of grassroots party in the masses, so that the party flag is highly fluttered in the epidemic prevention and control. (Reporter Liu Yu photography report) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.