Tianjin Binhai New District draws "blue economy" map

Tianjin Binhai New District draws "blue economy" map

Original title: Drawing the "blue economy" map with the sea, born in the sea, to the sea.

The ocean, and the pool of the New Sea New Area.

Here is a 153-kilometer coastline, which is obvious. It is a strategic place in the high-quality development of Binhai New Area. It can be described as natural treasures and vivid urban business cards, which contain "blue strength", pulsation potential and future.

In the tide of the times into the ocean, the coastal new district struggled forward, stirring the romantic waves. The layout of the sea water is desally lowered, supports the marine equipment manufacturing industry, connecting the coastal blue tourist corridor, focusing the ocean ecological protection … At the moment, the Binhai New District excavated, integrated marine resources, expands blue space, and blending the city of the waterfront with marine culture Draw the "blue economy" map, enrich the sea, Lehai life experience, do the big "sea" article, is moving toward the National Marine Economic Demonstration Zone. Ocean industry: Forming chain casting clustering layout, strategizing.

In order to "new", then the pen is brilliant.

As a strategic engineering, the Chaoyang industry, sea water is a field worth taking the potential.

There are 4 sea water and comprehensive utilization enterprises in our city. All in Binhai New Area, the total design scale of 4 seafood desalination plants reached 10,000 tons / day, and the seawater is in the country.

At present, the Binhai New Area has laid sea water into the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Gao Yinghui, director of the Tianjin Port Bonded Area, China, China R & D leading area, innovation driver demonstration zone, open cooperation zone.

"The manufacturing of sea industries is also an important force in the manufacture of high-end equipment in the New Sea.

In Tianjin Newport Ship Heavy Industry Terminal and Dock, there are many large high-end ships from here: using independent innovative shock absorption and stabilization system, can load 8,000 cars, exported to Europe and America’s car roll boat … The first phase of Tianjin Marine Engineering Intelligent Manufacturing Base was reviewed through the Mechanical Completion Acceptance Expert Review Association. This is the first marine oil and gas equipment manufacturing "smart plant" in China, leading my country’s marine engineering industry intelligent manufacturing and development. Today, the Binhai New Area has basically formed industrial pattern with marine oil and gas equipment, high-tech ships, port engineering equipment, seawater, and marine renewable energy equipment, with Bomiko, Taiwanese Binhai, sea oil engineering, etc. Leading enterprises, as well as Hai Wang Xing, Zhonghai Technology, etc. Ocean Wen Travel: Complementation Energy Poetry and Friends from afar, it is a pleasure.

Due to the sea, the warmth of the sea, the wakens, the wakens, from the lack of poetry, "Blue Engine" to promote the "blue engine", promote the ocean cultural brand, welcome the four seas guests with open and diverse gestures.

However, in the case where the theme of the ocean literature is not seen, how does the coastal new district protrude? The answer is: Said Singapore, well-known ocean cultural city, focus on the coastal blue corridor, Haihe Metropolitan Tour, the "Yidong City, the Ocean, Industrial and Rural Tour" Wenbao Industry Pattern, enhance travel and supporting services, Jianjing Jinbei tourist pro-sea tourism "post garden".

At present, Binhai New District has a group of special points such as National Maritime Museum, Teda Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Polar Ocean Park, Dongjiang Bay Beach.

This National Day holiday, the tourists from Beijing Tianjin, Luo Lu, "card", only the National Day is more than 10,000.

He Shuyong, deputy director of Binhai New District Wenxiao, said: "We support TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park to create a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, actively do the business cards of ‘to Tianjin, see aircraft carrier’, and also promote the National Ocean Museum to become a national public cultural system. Component; at the same time, it continues to attract quality projects to enrollment and encourage the development of tourism.

"Ocean Ecology: Strictly strict red line maintenance resources in planning" blueprint "," blue map "," Blue Sea " At the forefront of the battle, the Binhai New District has made a large number of marine ecological restoration work, so that the ecological environment quality of the near-shore waters is significantly improved, reaching the best level in recent years. Water clear, shore green, beach net, Wan beautiful bay wonderful bloom According to statistics, the 12th China New Area 12 In 2017, the "all inferior" improvement of 2020 "all the incadfaster", the surface water break is poor V-type water quality decreased by 40 percentage points, and the reduction ratio ranks in the country; The ratio of excellent water quality in the near-shore sea is%, and it has increased a percentage point in 2017. In the Bohai Sea region, the Director of the Marine Bureau of Bohai New District, Li Haihan, director of the sea room, introduced to land source pollution, and they picked into the sea river and into the sea. The key "gate", 12 rivers implements "one river one strategy", "control source, pollution, expansion, strict management" four measures, list, and project development; at the same time, Hong Kong boat pumping station, Tianjin Port The municipal integrated export of No. 1 pumping station is carried out from the source prevention and control to the system remediation of the end governance, completely solves the problem of domestic sewage direct and sea problems. In the face of marine ecology, the coastal new district has always been "protected from strict From the perseverance "─ ─ strictly adhere to the red line of marine ecology, carry out comprehensive rectification of the shoreline, maintain marine biological resources, strictly implement the marine volt season, the total output of marine fishing is reduced by 25% compared to 2015, proliferate all kinds of seedlings Nearly 7.2 billion units; establishing a Bay Long System, Strengthening and Strengthening the "River Long System", forming a new model of "comprehensive coverage, grading performance, grid to the source, responsibility to people". Feng Jinyong Self-saving waves.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Binhai New District will continue to deeply "blue territory", focus on key areas and key links in marine economic development, to promote the mission, and transform the advantages of marine resources into marine industries, and promote industrial development with institutional innovation. Make a coastal contribution to the construction of marine powers. (Reporter Wang Rui) (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.