Red theme drama creation practice and revelation

Red theme drama creation practice and revelation

In the survey, please wait. For a long time, no response, please brush this page Author: Huang Dingshan red theme creation creation Inspiring. More than 40 years of military career, let me have more opportunities to exposure to such themes, which has a more comprehensive understanding of the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China. The Chinese Communists on the 20-year journey, integrate their spirit into the rivers and nations of the motherland, exchanged into the vastness of the world, their spiritual strength and humanity are really good and beautiful, I am eager to create through artistic creation Presenting their great spirit to the audience. Figure 1: National Opera "Yimeng Mountain" stills, Figure 2: National Opera "Ying Jiong" stills. (Liu Hai Dong Photo ": Zhao Weiwei) Rearrangement Edition Classic National Opera" Small Two Black Marriage "Stills.

(Data Pictures) In the past six years, I created the national opera "Ma Xuanyang Xuanxiang Num" "Yimeng Mountain" "Ying Jiong" "Red Boat" "Ginkgo Tree" "Half Red Army is" "Spring" Commitment "" Heavenly Grassland "" Deep Sea "" Memory Password ", red theme modern Peking Opera" Mother ", rearranged classic national opera" small two black marriage ".

I deeply realize that the drama creation of revolutionary historical themes and reality themes will always need creators to do not forget their mission, and carefully cultivate artistic skills. Respect history, pay attention to the interpretation of "people", dig and shaping red theme drama, and there are people prototypes or materials from real historical events.

The artistic view is from vivid and true. In the creation, it is the key to "people" who have a recognition with the contemporary audience. The drama is "human learning", paying attention to the interpretation and digging of "people", the shape of "people", is the creation of the creation of it. Let the works and characters credible, close, can be seen, can be respectful, to pass the real details, art reproduction, highlight the spirit of the characters.

The creator wants to find the true appearance of the characters in the history, in the thousands of people, the rumor is looking for a romantic emotion, this process is the process of entering creation, and it is also a creation point.

  The national opera "Ying · 雄" is telling the story of the first female party member of the Communist Party of China and her Menship.

20 years ago, they were persistent to break the dark world and creating a beautiful new world. At that time, those young people were the leaders of the times. Today, our youth strive to achieve a Chinese dream through struggle. In the pursuit of ideal roads, is we have a hundred years ago, brave, tenacity and dedication? When pursuing the commonality of this spirit, I found the core and contemporary nature of this subject. In order to further reproduce the true mulkying, the latest script focused on a play, increased the content of Mi Boyying and the newborn child, and had to farewell. Into the heart of the hero, they are a fresh ordinary person, facing tough choices, their "" is more prominent. The vividness of the stage is from the creator’s discovery and refining. Deemed, multiple creative collection is required. When the national opera "Yimeng Mountain", the creation team along the line of the Eighth Route 115, for the Yimeng Revolutionary Old District, Meng Liangzheng Campaign Hall, Datun Mountain Battle Site, "Yimeng Mountain Small Tun", Huimang, etc. The location of the children’s hero deeds is in depth, the emotions of the military and civilians "water milk blending, life and death and total" are gradually increasing under the support of a large number of materials.

When I reached "Mother", I came to Ge Jianhao’s hometown – Shen Mountain in Shuangfeng County, Hunan Province. Only there, I can imagine and feel that how such a revolutionary mother is looking for the truth of looking for revolution with a pair of small feet How is it independently cultivated to cultivate their own children’s early leaders in the Chinese Communist Party.

This kind of feelings are the source of creative people. During the creation process, we must grasp the principle of "big events are unreal, small things".

Creators should think about events and action to explore these "possibilities" happened to the characters.

"It is possible" means that everything must be in line with the pursuit of characters, in line with the character’s character logic, or a similar group of people’s image high concentration, reflecting a person in the play.

  In the National Opera "Yimeng Mountain", Xia Tuo is fictitious, but she is "real".

In the play, Xia Tui feeds her daughter with blood water before sacrifice, giving her Xiaoyong and entrusted the vessel of the sea-to-raising, and take the real story of the anti-Japanese hero Chen Rukk’s mother and daughter. In the Summer Mother, holding her daughter, a song "Yimeng’s daughter" sang the audience’s tears.

"Say goodbye to the three-sided flower three-sided Liu, the lake is half-city mountain. The book has been fired, and the heart is difficult to calm.

"Real character prototypes, so that Xiaoli’s figure is more distinct and representative.

For example, the national opera "half of the Red Army is", the story of "half of the cotton" on the longjun road has been well known, but the historical material is limited, not enough to set up a big play. How to show this theme in an art? After leaving the three female Red Army soldiers who have been cut in the fellow splines, we are talking about the destiny of these 3 people and the "fate" of the other half of the quilt. This is the space of the art imagination.

  Guo Zheng innovation, paying attention to the "overall drama" of the performance, the more rich the presence of the stage, the more integrated the integration of the art door, the more the aesthetics of the audience, the more important to pay attention to the "overall drama" in the performance. , Pursue a play. The so-called "overall drama" is that the stage is not only music, literature, performance, which can also be the integration of space and time of art, construction, light and shadow, sound and other art. From this perspective, creation has innovative significance, which will bring a comprehensive trial of modern art context.

  The contemporary drama should develop, "contemporary" issues should be highly concerned, and the creators should pay attention to the artistic content, the artistic style and the multi-functional "promotion".

The red theme drama creation should start from the aesthetic demand for contemporary audience. Explore the stage diversified manifestations of the drama, pay attention to combined with audiovisual art. Under the premise of sticking to the drama, mobilize all stage art integrated expressions.

  In the stage art creation, the drama categories carrying the red theme are diverse, drama, opera, opera … no matter what drama door, the director should grasp the work from the two degree creations, use contemporary art aesthetics The stage is presented.

For example, the national opera "Red Boat" is the subject of "Red Boat", and focus on the birth of the Chinese Communist Party.

We chose nonlinear narratives, using 18 3 meters wide, 10 meters high, continuously changing on the stage, through push-pull curtain, projection, lighting organic application, forming montage conversion, by two turndomings 50 scenarios and spaces, presented multiple history instantly in front of the audience.

For example, the drama "deep sea" tells the pioneer of China’s nuclear submarine, the "Medal of the Republic" won Huang Xu Huayin’s surname has made a good story for my country’s nuclear submarine and leap-forward development.

We use the nuclear submarine deep dive 300 meters to the narrative vertical axis, and the struggle of his life is the narrative horizontal axis. On the stage presentation, use highly symbolic dive depth and pressure coordinates, which are both the coordinates of the submarine, and the coordinates of Huang Xuhua life. Sound and electromechanical design fusion movie means, with the use of light and shadow, it has highlighted the drama suspense, but also reflects the inner changes of the characters.

  During the creation of drama, the creation of director should be "forward", and should be involved in creating. When creating the national opera "Yimeng Mountain", the director begins with planning, and the creation of the scripttep, and the creation of the drama will begin to present the stage.

For example, we hope that the national opera "Yimeng Mountain" is more symmetrical and chorus. It is hoped that it is more artistic, and discusses research from the character structure, chorus and resonial character, which is different from the traditional national opera creation.

The whole drama 40 sees, there is a considerable part of the two singing, three sings, four-sis and multi-acoustic chorus, forming the music characteristics of the drama to be angry, epic symphony. We are still establishing drama situations and creating a drama scene, such as refining, concentrating, and creates many real stories, and creates a large number of scripts of the first scene "War and Wedding" and the third scene. change.

  The creator also explores the context of establishing the interactive interaction with the contemporary audience, looking for the creation of the creation in the "Guohe Innovation". In the creation of "Mother", I tried to find a door that attracted youth viewers into the Peking Opera, a door of art.

On the basis of adhering to the traditional Peking Opera play and singing, it integrates the accompaniment of the singing and symphony orchestra. In the dance beauty, the highly reference to the Peking Opera is combined with the visual stage design with the impact force, making a table of two chairs to become smart. This is in line with the aesthetic needs of contemporary youth audience, but also completed the creator to explore the presence of Chinese contemporary drama stage.

  (The author is the head of the original general political songs, the national first-class director).