Shanxi Province promoted transition project construction site will be held

Shanxi Province promoted transition project construction site will be held

  Original title: The province’s promotion transformation project construction site will hold pictures in Taiyuan as the province’s promotion transition project construction site. (Reporter Li Dianjun) Luo Huining attended and speaking on the morning of August 27th, the province’s promotion project construction site will be held in Taiyuan, and Luo Huining attendant, the provincial party committee, Luo Huining attended the meeting and speaking, he emphasized that all local departments should conscientiously implement the provincial party committee ten The spirit of the sixth plenary meeting and a series of promotional meetings, in the implementation of the upper and lower efforts, adhere to the problem-oriented, do everything more realistic, objection to formalism, with the deepening of the project construction year, to provide a strong transformation development for the province support. This year is the year of our province’s transition project.

The Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government use project construction as the hard task of transition, hard-catching hands, hard indicators, and takes effective measures to implement 6815, 6,815, and completed investment billions.

Before the meeting, Luo Huining and part of the participation of comrades were obsembling Taiyuan stainless steel industrial park Dongjie intelligent equipment and industrial robot, and the intelligent reform demonstration zone Yangqu Industrial Park Yintang aluminum alloy and multi-metal high-end composites, Minghao Automobile vehicle mold Manufacturing and other transformation projects. Luo Huining fully affirmed the efforts of various departments, various development zones and enterprises in various departments, and the progress of the construction of transition projects. He pointed out that the meeting used the informationization method, the synchronous connection of the city’s transition project site is the big inspection of the year of construction of various local transition projects. It is a large stage of representative transformation projects. It is also a large PK that grasped the transformation work.

Luo Huining emphasized that participation in this promotion will gain a lot and achieve the expected purpose. First, I saw a good situation in the construction of transition projects.

With a large number of transformation projects in the province, in particular, the construction of strategic and traction transformation projects will drive an optimization of the industrial structure of the province and greatly enhance the development of new movements. In the construction year of the transition project, a large number of good cadres have emerged, and a large number of good companies that persist in innovation and development have been born. It has grown a good way to effectively, especially rolling construction, support continuously grasping. Project library.

The second is to see the problems in the construction of transition projects.

Specific performance in the project advancement, insufficient stock, not excellent service.

Be sure to face the problem, double your efforts, make up the short board as soon as possible, and reduce the gap.

The third is to see the main attack direction of the construction of transition projects.

Focusing on the expected goal, adhere to the long-term combination, one must break the problem to speed up the project construction. Party and government at all over the world should lead the team to lead into the enterprise, in-depth project construction site, organize the relevant departmental joint review, on-site office, further solve the administrative examination and approval, land supply, financial services, environmental assessment power, electricity protection, etc.

The second should be planned to plan the traction project. In-depth research industry and technology change trend, use the "12th National Field of Manufacturing Industry", aim at home and abroad, leading the company, the next truth, and make a batch of projects, especially the leading project. Third, strong quality continues to do a good job. By grasping the construction of the project construction year, drive the ideological concept, institutional mechanism, policy implementation, business environment and cadre team construction, etc.

Luo Huining emphasizes that the construction of the transition project is grasped, and all localities must work hard, and all departments should take the initiative, and state-owned enterprises should take the lead.

If you have a hard work, you can’t take the design as a result. If you can’t put the agreement, you can’t tell it.

For all municipal, county party and government responsible comrades to grasp the investment of investment, the situation of grasping the transformation project must list the list to strengthen the supervision inspection. All localities must conduct on-site inspection to conduct on-site inspections, and conduct pressure in the construction of various counties.

All development districts must conscientiously implement the development of the Development Zone Reform and Innovation Development Promotion Association and exert the role of transformation and development.

  Lin Wu, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, host Lin Wu, presided over the meeting, and reviewed the construction of various municipal transition projects and made a job.

  The conference main venue is located in the first line of the Minghao Mold Manufacturing Company Project. The province’s transition project construction feature film, video connecting city project construction site, listen to the construction of the city’s transition project, and 32 transformation projects. Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Congress, Provincial Government, Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Dean of the Provincial Court, the Provincial Procuratorate of the Provincial Procuratorate; the members of the Provincial Transformation Project Construction Year Work Leading Group members are mainly responsible for comrades, the provincial partial departments are mainly responsible for comrades to participate in the survey and attend the scene Can.

The relevant departments of the province, the national-owned enterprises in Taiyuan province, the main undergraduate colleges in Taiyuan province, the main responsible comrades; provincial management news media, some central stationing news media, the central government is mainly responsible; part of the 19th Big grassroots representative, national grassroots representative, national labor model representative; Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Municipal People, Municipal Government, CPPCC, various counties (cities, districts), municipal directly relevant departments are mainly responsible; some key transformation project units are responsible for comrades and First-line workers participate in the meeting in the main venue. Comrade each municipal party committee, the municipality, the municipal government, the municipality of the municipalities, the relevant departments of counties (cities, districts), and the relevant departments of the municipalities are mainly responsible for comrades, and some key transformation projects are mainly responsible for comrades to participate in the meeting.

(Reporter Chen Junqi).