Seriously study the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Tibet Work, improve the political station to make economic work to promote Changzhi Di’an and high-quality development

Seriously study the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Tibet Work, improve the political station to make economic work to promote Changzhi Di’an and high-quality development

  On the morning of November 1st, Wang Jun, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, presided over the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, listening to the economic operation analysis of the autonomous region on the first three quarters of the country and the next economic work recommendation, arrange deployment of recent work.Wang Junzheng pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping always attaches great importance to Tibet work, and is deeply concerned about the people of Tibet, personally pays the rudder to Tibet, and the layout, especially in the 70th anniversary of Tibet, and visit Tibet. Tibet.The people of all national cadres, indicated the forward direction for the Changzhi and high quality development of our district.

All departments at all levels in the whole district should learn to understand, implement the important discussion of General Secretary in Tibet on Tibet, and inspect the important speech at the time of Tibet and the new era of the party’s governance, strengthen the "four awareness", firm "four Confidence, "two maintenance", unify the ideological understanding of the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on Tibet work, improve the political station, fully improve the economic work, promote Changzhi Di’an and high-quality development, and ensure the party’s route Policy and policies have been resolutely implemented in Tibet. To improve political stations. Promote the high-quality significance of high-quality development, domestic, international, international, international, international and international, based on the new development concept, and actively integrate the new development pattern, adhere to all developments Given the meaning of the Chinese nation’s consciousness, the meaning of national unity, the maintenance of unity, the meaning of the split, improve people’s livelihood, condense the meaning of the people, etc. Comply with the actual high quality development path of Tibet. To consolidate the poverty reduction.

Promoting the consolidation and expanding the effective connection of the rural revitalization, and the anti-reflection work is effective as an important political task, improve the dynamic monitoring and early warning mechanism, and timely discovering measures, more effort to take measures, more ways, more ways to give more Subsequent support support, make the help work to make fine. Adhere to the requirements of "four do not pick", coordinate the construction of relocation, industrial employment, public facilities and public service system, ensuring that the people live, stay, can be integrated, can get rich.

In-depth implementation of rural resolution strategy, vigorously promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, organization, promote high quality and efficient agriculture and animal husbandry, peal pastoral area, shoulder, farmers and herdsmen rich. To increase infrastructure construction. Accelerate the major project construction of the "14th Five-Year Plan" support development, improve the comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, increase hydropower development, accelerate the construction of national clean energy bases, and focus on refining the infrastructure short board. Seriously implement various policies and measures, strengthen the top-level planning, and promote the construction of a major infrastructure, public service facilities, and provide strong guarantee for economic high quality development. It is necessary to have practical things in people’s livelihood. Adhere to the people-oriented thinking, in improving people’s livelihood, condense people’s hearts, put small things around the masses as all the party committees and governments, focus on people’s livelihood issues, to ensure the same time of the people’s daily life Facilities, medical treatment, pension social security, etc.

  It is necessary to promote economic high quality development.

Accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure, optimize the first industry, and build a plateau special agricultural product base, and promote the structural reform of the supply side of the agricultural and animal husbandry, build a modern agricultural business system, and put thousands of small production and thousands of small production and thousands of socialism Based, continuously improve the scale, modernization, industrialization level of the first industry; vigorously develop the green industry, let go of development, efforts to improve the quality, unwavering the new industrialization road, and make the entity economy to do strong, improve the whole industry Chain level; transformation and upgrading the tertiary industry, vigorously develop cultural tourism and other special advantage industries, and go out of a new road from a higher quality and better benefit and better structure. Adhere to the project priority, put project construction as the lifeline of economic work, highly attach great importance to effective investment.

The project is point, the industry is the line, the economy is the surface, the current number of projects determines the scale of future effective investment, today’s investment structure is tomorrow’s industrial structure.

Persistence, line, face cooperation, do a good job in the pre-project preparation, to make investment projects to plan, pre-project grasp, work in the construction of the project, the completion of the project, the project arrested, put into production, put production projects, ensure the production of the project Tibet’s economic development currently has a vitality and has potential in the future.

  Continue to optimize the business environment. Adhere to the business environment is productivity, optimizing the business environment is the concept of liberation of productivity, continues to deepen the "venting service" reform, create fairness, just, transparent, and expected investment environments. Build "pro" "clear" government relations, help companies solve the outstanding problems and difficulties, and stimulate economic and social development. Strengthen the rule of law thinking, strictly follow the statutory authority, legal procedures, and create a good atmosphere of business entrepreneurship.

  To do a good job of prosperity.

In-depth implementation of General Secretary General Secretary, "Governing the Country must be treated, the first stable" stable ", insist on the troops and the security, the solid side and the prosperity, promote the construction of border infrastructure, and build a national security line. In-depth promotion of the prosperous action, improve the construction of the border well-being, develop feature industry, improve production and living conditions, solve the worries, encourage the people to root the roots, strive to make the sacred land guard, the happiness home builders. To expand the openness of the inside.

Increased "Please come in" and "go out" strength, expand the carrier and channel of foreign exchange, actively integrate into the "all the way" strategy, strengthen cooperation with the intersection of Tibetan City, accelerate into large Shangri-La economy, Chengdu City economic circle. It is necessary to strengthen the party’s leadership of economic work. Adhere to the idea of ??leading economic work with the new development concept, take the lead in learning modern economic knowledge, and continuously improve the ability and level of leading economic and social high quality development. Strengthen guidance supervision, deal with the target tasks identified in the beginning of the table, to ensure that the work is advanced, the policy guarantee is in place, and the strength is equipped to complete the overall economic and social development target task.

  It is necessary to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, implement the measures of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", and consolidate the results of the epidemic prevention and control.

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