Sichuan: More than 25,000 electric workers May Day holiday stick to post protection

Sichuan: More than 25,000 electric workers May Day holiday stick to post protection

People’s Network Chengdu May 6th, this year, during the May Day holiday, the National Network Sichuan Electric Power Company has stressed positions, and protects the safe operation of the power grid, providing safe and reliable electricity protection for the development of electricity customers and social development. .

During the festival, the overall operation of the Sichuan power grid was stable and the power supply was normal.

Wandering in advance, "pay attention to observation of gentlebility, controlling the traction rope placement speed, pay attention to the line of pedestrians and vehicle safety" On April 30, Xixi Town, Pingle Town, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, more than 20 Name Power Employees are trying time to replace 220 kV Kewei River Wizard Expressway cross-section overhead ground, ensuring power supply and high-speed traffic during the "May 1" festival.

"The previous airline is a common steel strand, tensile strength and conductivity have no new aluminum bag steel strand." Guo Net Guangyuan Power Supply Company maintenance branch line transportation inspection is proud of Wang Xiaobo.

In order to ensure the safety of the "May 1" section, the "three cross" sections occur inverted tower, disconnect, dropped string and other accidents, and the national network Guangyuan Power Supply Company also rospected the hydraulic resistant to the segment of 5 transmission lines in the supply zone. The line holder is performed to X-ray detection, and the two-stringed transformation is carried out on the line insulator. Before the holiday, the national network Sichuan Electric Power Company system successively organized the investigation and rectification of the route equipment hidden dangers, providing a guarantee for the safety operation during the holiday period.

The national network Le Shan Power Supply Company Festival tuning backbone power, focus on special tour, thoroughly investigate the operation of high and low pressure distribution line equipment in the whole district, do not allow power equipment "with disease"; improve and improve the security of all guarantees Running measures, technical measures and accident emergency measures; each emergency repair team is fully rescued, maintaining 24-hour communication smooth; engineering vehicles are waiting for life, once dangerous, make sure to quickly repair rescue work.

National Net Mianyang Power Supply Company also arranged in the use of infrared temperature instruments and other equipment, patrolling and maintenance of important power supply lines, box transformers, and important substations every day, and carefully records the situation at each point, once the problem is discovered immediately . At the same time, strengthen the discipline of class, strengthen emergency management, and do the emergency preparations for various weather in advance to ensure rapid emergency response during the occurrence of electric emergencies.

Strive to step up the construction of the electric network to renovate the Sichuan power employees to adhere to the first line, and use the construction of various key projects during the holiday period. "Hurry and put your gloves.

"On May 1st, in Yingxiang Town, Longchang City, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, Yongan Station to Jindong Station, No. 93 Tower, Tie Tower, is as busy, and the person in charge of the National Network Neijiang Power Supply Company, Peng Chao reminds Prepare the staff of the barrier to do safety measures.

On the same day, 14 staff members were divided into cooperation, closely cooperated, and the establishment of the line tower in order.

"Slow, slow, the rope should not pull it so tight, loose, and loose." Looking at the horizontal boss, Peng Chao shouted and thumbles to continue to rise. The person and the master and other staff members of the tower and other staff members are closely matched, the tower is rising, declined, maintained, and mutually cooperated with each other.

In order to accelerate the construction of the project, the national network Neijiang Power Supply Company has been deployed in advance, formulated the scientific fine construction plan, during the holiday, 160 employees in the four working groups synchronously launched the relevant group building work, robbery acceleration, to meet the difficulties, Only for the attitude of the eve, promote the construction of project projects with practical actions. Not only in the Neijiang, the most prosperous Chunxi Road in Chengdu is also conducting an important substation transformation.

"Due to the special location, the substation is old, we have encountered a lot of difficulties during the actual operation." National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company Substation and Transport Maintenance Center maintenance of a class of squad leader Lu Xiaobin frowned.

Located in the 110 kV-Lizhi Lane Substation Station, Chengdu Chunxi Road, during the holiday period to carry out a series of complex work, etc. Due to the 110 ktoliti substation in 1987, it is the first GIS station in the southwest, 110 kV GIS equipment is running for about 33 years. It is already a super-tie service, and the renovation work during the May Day holiday is especially important. "The new GIS equipment is large and the indoor aerospace is old, the transfer process is difficult, and the speed of the Hanging movement will pass the charged interval, there is an incident of electric shock risk, the length of the new equipment is long, and the position is closer to the wall, it is difficult .

Lu Xiaobin said. "The key to the orderly development of this work is that the landlord should be ‘", and the land leader is at the scene.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the on-site operation, Lu Xiaobin attached to the front line every day, as a security supervision and technical command, solved a live problem. The work site, the National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company Blue clothes craftsman cooperates with the tacit understanding, the various divisions, and strictly implement the safety control rules, avoiding the risk of on-site operations, strictly implementing standardization operations, real-time control of live security and operating quality.

On the afternoon of May 5, the last paragraph GIS equipment hexafluoride sulfur gas injected, and the transformation of 110 kV black shredded power stations was successfully completed.

The national network Sichuan Electric Power is still non-stop, and the renovation of the Alazani River gate of Alazani, Georgia, is still stepped up construction. "Work, wear a mask, wash your hands, keep a good personnel, don’t go out of the work area.

"On May 3, at the front meeting of the power plant monitoring system, the National Network Sichuan Yingxiuwan Power Plant Electric Jingwang Zhengzheng is emphasizing the prevention of epidemic prevention safety. Early on May 1st, the monitoring and renovator will drive to the Aihe gate The first cable channel construction.

Because of the Heahag Gate Monitoring Room to the Hand Governing Room does not have a control signal channel, it is necessary to re-lay the cable, and the geological conditions are complex along the way, and the project department decides to re-excavate the cable channel. In the grinding gate control room, the staff also tested, replaced and labeled old monitoring equipment and cables. Until On May 4, the new cable channel new control cable laying was basically completed. Quality Service Tourist Attraction Supply To ensure the safety, stable operation and reliable power supply during the holiday period, the national network Sichuan Electric Power has been deployed early, a large number of electricity maintenance personnel are waiting for the time, deal with some emergency repair, and the stability of the grid Run the escort. "Lao Du, let’s check the use of electric lines and indoor equipment for farmhouse music. If you still have electricity demand, even if you are!" It’s really giving us a farmhouse operator to play a ‘setup pill. Du Zijun conducts the inspection of the electric equipment.

During the inspection, Master Yan Run, Xu Zhongsheng carefully investigates the special transformer of farmhouse, focusing on the indoor electricity voltage, and has a facility such as distribution box, restaurant kitchen socket, etc., unqualified, aging line The switch is replaced.

At the same time, I actively spread to the "farmhouse" boss and waiters to save electricity common sense, and distribute the convenience service contact card, actively solicit the advice and suggestions of farmhouse electricity demand and power supply services to ensure that "farmhouse" is worry-free, hi Welcome tourists.

Recently, the "farmhouse", "B & B", "B & B", "B & B", the "B & B" business, and the electricity load is rapidly climbed.

Guo Net Sword Power Supply Company employees take the door to the door, check 32 farmhouse, eliminating the safety hazards 11, replacement of the failure leakage protector, and issues more than 100 safety electricity promotion materials, let the road repair work.

Every "farmhouse" enjoys quality power star service.

National Network Sichuan Electric Power is scientifically arranged for emergency repair, quality service, pay-value, etc. during the holiday period. At the same time, the initiative is actively connected to important customers, engineering project construction units, carrying out full process tracking services, establish regular information notification and communication Mechanism, take the initiative to help customers solve the electricity problem, extend the quality service to each link, and fully protect the project’s electricity demand. (Wang Jun Chen Yuxi).