Sichuan Luzhou: Guarding a "reward" of a river

Sichuan Luzhou: Guarding a "reward" of a river

As a result, Zhangzhou’s eyes turned to the "window" of my country’s reform and opening up – Shenzhen, planning to undertake the step transfer of industries in coastal developed regions.

Shenzhen is the frontier position and the largest mobile phone production base in the country’s mobile phone innovation. In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, Shenzhen manufacturing enterprises include intelligent terminal enterprises, gradually transferred to the mainland. Since Zhangzhou has a unique location, convenient transportation, supporting industries, etc. The transfer is better to undertake the ground.

The development of intelligent terminal industry will bring rare opportunities for the economic and social development of Luzhou: First, it can fill the blank of Zhangzhou City in the electronic information industry, optimize the city’s industrial structure; second, the intelligent terminal industry is a technology intensive, labor intensive Industry, if the output value reaches 100 billion yuan, there will be more than 100,000 employment needs.

Therefore, the development of intelligent terminal industry is a road to green development. In November 2016, since the launch of intelligent terminal industry, Zhangzhou City has focused on intelligent terminal industrial chain around smartphone, tablet, smart home, virtual reality (VR). In 2020, Zhangzhou and the world’s top 500 enterprises – China Electronic Information Industry Group held handshakes to open 100 billion Chinese Electronics (Cangzhou) Industrial Park in March.

The project has a total investment of 20 billion yuan. After the first phase of the project is completed, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 10 billion yuan, an annual profit tax is 1.6 billion yuan, providing an employment post of more than 10,000. By June 2020, Zhangzhou has set up more than 260 electronic information companies, product coverage software services, terminal product design, components manufacturing, and whole machine production.

"From the incorrect" to "from there is", the Luzhou electronic information industry is moving into a hundred billion-level industries.

Do a good job in "into", it is also reflected in Luzhou and Huawei Company. After the Cangzhou Municipal Government and Huawei Company officially signed the Cloud Data Center Strategic Cooperation Agreement, less than two years, Huawei Sichuan University Data Center has built a steady promotion, government cloud construction and data resource management service platform construction steadily, let Zhangzhou big data Industrial development is in the forefront of the province. In the cultivation and development of modern economic systems, Zhangzhou has also cultivated new kinetic energy – new energy new materials industry.

Today, Luzhou has new energy cars from the national door, exported to Malaysia, the United States and other countries; the World 500 Hengli Group is accelerating in the intelligent new materials industry park (Phase I), which is built in Juji, and is accelerating, and Zhangzhou will become a smart in Southwest China. Polyester new material and high-end textile manufacturing center.

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