The province has built a "skill Guizhou" to promote the high quality development of vocational education

The province has built a "skill Guizhou" to promote the high quality development of vocational education

On December 13th, the launching ceremony of the "High Quality Development of the Provincial Skills in Guizhou Province" was held in Guiyang. The Ministry of Education, the people’s government of Guizhou Province will build "Skill Guizhou", strengthen the cooperation of the province, form a work together, promote the high-quality development of vocational education, provide talent and skill support for the economic and social development of Guizhou, provide a technical social construction of the western region "Guizhou Pilot Experience". According to the Implementation Opinions of the Ministry of Education Guizhou Provincial People’s Government to promote the high-quality development of vocational education (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), Guizhou will consider the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, around "four" New "main attack" four chemistry ", speed up the construction of" social attachment skills, people want to learn skills, and can teach skills ", accelerate the establishment of a professional education development basis, optimize skill talents, and improve vocational education talents The "exclusive runway" of the system and the education and education integration system, complementing the educational short board, solving the contradiction between the supply and demand of skills, and promotes the high quality development of Guizhou ‘s economic and social. Skills are the foundation of strong country, and the foundation of the business. Improve vocational education talent training system, build a social network, consolidate the development of vocational education, and deepen the cooperation of education and education, to create a rural skill education demonstration project, establish and improve the development system of skills, and promote the regional collaboration of vocational education. The "Skills Guizhou" proposed in the "Skills Guizhou" is demonstrated to promote the determination and strength of high quality development of vocational education in Guizhou.

"Opinions" is closely combined with Guizhou’s actual, adhere to the target orientation, the result orientation, with ‘expansion and improvement – innovation development – reform guarantee’ for the main line, improve the school and skills social education system, expand vocational education coverage; Educational development foundation, improve running school quality; deepen production and education, help rural revitalization, service skills talents, and promote regional cooperation, and promote vocational education.

Yang Tianyi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, said that through the province’s joint efforts, the modernization of Guizhou vocational education has greatly improved, and the school system is more complete. The system mechanism is gradually improved, the service capacity is significantly improved, and the cooperative capacity is significantly increased, and the high level of service is high. Development, promoting high quality employment.

With the opening of the "Skill Guizhou" curtain in the province, "Six Innovation" will promote the development of vocational education in Guizhou, and promote vocational education "wishes to read". Under the premise of maintaining a general time, all the junior high school graduates who have the willingness to study vocational colleges will read the secondary vocational schools, encourage the high school graduates and unstable employment of the senior graduates for the wishes of vocational colleges. Higher vocational colleges. Promote professional skills "can teach everywhere." By strengthening the general skill education, development of enterprises and social training institutions, encourage communities to actively implement skills and benefits education, establish a rural revitalized talent training base, promote modern agricultural technology promotion and application, and implement folk skills inheritance innovation Support project, build a three-dimensional skill education network of schools, enterprises, communities and rural "four-in-one".

Three – dimensional construction of a production teaching fusion system. Creating a production and education fusion demonstration project, promoting the innovation of system institutional mechanisms in the specialty industry, establishing research and distribution mechanism for the supply and demand of Western industries, breaking through the barriers of education and education, gradually forming the "City – Region – Corporate – School" in all directions, three-dimensional Produced fusion system.

Innovative Vocational Education "Regional Collaboration".

Grab the country to build a new development of "double cycle" new development pattern, for "Eastern Enterprise + Guizhou Resources" "Eastern Market + Guizhou Product" "Eastern Headquarters + Guizhou Base" "Eastern R & D + Guizhou Manufacturing" and other collaborative new models provide composite technology Skills talent support.

Create a "China-ASEAN" vocational education cooperation brand. Relying on China – ASEAN Education Exchange Week, organizing international exchange forums and skills competitions, promoting the integration of education and education, helping Chinese enterprises to "go out", and serve "all the way."

Do a good job in rural skill education.

Further, consolidate and expand the poverty of campaign to effectively connect effectively with rural revitalization, integrate educational resources, and promote the training of rural revitalization talents.

At the same time, "Supporting 30 National High-quality Secondary Schools in Guizhou" support policy list, and "strengthening the basic status of" strengthening the secondary vocational education "and other listings, implementing responsibility details Measures to turn the "task book" to realize the high quality development of vocational education into "construction drawings". All localities in Guizhou, all schools are also actively planning, serious deployment, and promoting the development of national reform of Guizhou vocational education. "Next, we will focus on the quality, intrigue, tree brand, promote development, further increase the cultivation of talents, and vigorously reform around vocational education, school model, guarantee mechanism, etc., actively Many young people create opportunities for life, dreams come true. "Zhou Yuxin, party secretary, director of Zunyi City Education Sports Bureau. "As the only company in Guizhou, the" China’s characteristic high-level higher vocational school ‘construction unit, we pay more attention to the’ steady development of undergraduate hierarchies "in the policy list, will continue to play disciplines and professional advantages, and strive to become undergraduate vocational education. "Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou Traffic Vocational and Technical College, Wu Youfu, the Dean, said.

"We will seize the opportunity of" Supporting 30 national high-quality secondary vocational schools "in Guizhou, and the development of expansion and promoting the construction of school teachers team construction, training base construction, professional construction, and cultivation more excellent technology. Skills talents, towards the demonstration vocational colleges of the "National famous, Southwest first-class, provincial leaders".

"Chen Wen, president of Guizhou Provincial Transportation School, said. … The blueprint has been painted, and the struggle is just right. Guizhou will take the province to build a" skill Guizhou "as an opportunity, strive to innovate cooperation, improve cooperation mechanism, support, funds Supporting, public opinion guidance, etc., fully created good conditions for cooperation, and strive to create a new situation in vocational education.

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