Urban builders adhere to the front line to welcome "May Day"

Urban builders adhere to the front line to welcome "May Day"

  Xinhuanet, Xi’an, April 28th (Reporter Zhang Chenjun) The "May 1st" Labor Day is coming. At the site of several engineering projects in Shaanxi, the builders still adhere to their posts, strive to promote the construction in seconds, and welcome their own festivals on the front line to meet their own festivals. Essence As one of the key people’s livelihood projects in Xi’an International Port Area, the construction site of the third school of Lu and Hong Kong undertaken by the China Construction Third Bureau, a total of nearly 2,000 people in project management and construction personnel are busy carrying out the construction of roof structure and foundation.

The third school project of Lugang is located east of the National Games Road in the Hong Kong Affairs District, with a total construction area of ??about 110,000 square meters. At present, the main construction of the project is accelerating to ensure that the campus will be in the first batch of students in September.

  In the core area of ??the construction of the industrial platform of Xi’an High -tech Zone, the Xi’an Electronics Valley project is relying on the advantages of the entire industrial chain to quickly promote construction.

While the first -tier management and construction staff of the Northwest Company of the China Construction Fifth Bureau, while busy construction,, jointly launched a interesting labor skills competition. The workers cooperate with the wall building, cutting bricks, plastering, handling, and stacking processes, showing the style of front -line skills of the construction industry.

  As the temperature recovers, participating units such as the China Railway One Bureau Electricity Company are promoting the construction of the west extension high -speed rail project. The Xiyan high -speed rail is an important part of the package (silver) sea high -speed railway channel. After the line is completed and opened to traffic, the operation time from Xi’an to Yan’an will be shortened to about 1 hour. In order to ensure that the first high -speed railway in northern Shaanxi Revolutionary District was completed and opened to traffic as soon as possible, the power operation and maintenance personnel of the China Railway 1 Bureau will work in the "May 1st" holiday class to ensure the orderly progress of the project.